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Yukon History

The great gold rush of 1896-1899 attracted people from all over the world to the land of the midnight sun. Although the lure of the gold rush has passed, the magic of Yukon dreams and adventures is as strong as ever. People are still attracted to the majestic mountains, wide valleys and winding rivers.

Fort Selkirk, on the Yukon River, was originally established by Robert Campbell in 1852 as a Hudson's Bay Post. It was the first non-native settlement on the Upper Yukon River. It was destroyed by Chilkats the next year. The town site remained abandoned until 1889 when Arthur Harper operated the post until the Klondike Gold Rush. In 1899, it became the headquarters of the Yukon Field Force of the Canadian Army. Churches and schools were built and, in 1938, the Hudson's Bay Company returned to build a post.

Fort Selkirk, Yukon

Dean is an excellent teacher, guide, environmentalist and master practitioner of bush craft.

His ideas on camping borrow literally from the trappers and voyageurs of pioneer times.

Dean had the biggest influence on us when it comes to nature and living in the bush. Dean gave us that sense of at-home ness and belonging there.

Edith Lindner and Dieter Kiener, Germany

The guides' obvious experience, competence and knowledge on the water, in camp and during portages made me feel safe and confident at all times.

In addition, his up-beat personality always made the trip seem like an adventure even on the damp, rainy days.

Judy Thompson